Paul Smethurst

BSc (Hons), CSCS, CHEK Practitioner 2 & HLC3, FDN, CMTA, EKI

As well as providing as much information as I can for free on this site I also  provide the following services: If  you would like further information feel free to email me;

Personal Fitness TrainingI provide my one on one Personal Training in the South Kensington, Chelsea, Hyde Park, Battersea Park areas of London. Depending on your preferences and the type of fitness training required (in other words, your goals), I can use either an outdoors location or even come to your home. I can provide all necessary equipment so you dont have to have your own gym; just a little space.

Online and eFitnessThis a new service that allows me to work with clients no matter where you are in the world. By using specific questionnaires and email contact I can determine your goals, fitness level, specific requirements, limitations, and the type of exercise you enjoy. From this information I will formulate an online programme via my newly developed website. This site gives you your own bespoke programme in written form and also provides you with video so you can see exactly how each exercise is meant to be performed, taking all the guesswork out of exercise.

Holistic Lifestyle CoachingThis service gives you a fully comprehensive analysis of all of your nutritional and lifestyle requirements. Using a set of comprehensive questionnaires and assessment tools as well as our one -to-one consultations, I will show you which areas of your health are your highest priority and how these areas are affecting your overall health and any physical symptoms you may have.

I will analyse your diet from the food journal that you provide me with. I will then give you recommendations on how to change your diet in line with your specific goals as well as any health problems that you may have that are being caused by an insufficient diet, food intolerances, etc.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - State of the art laboratory testing can show you many health related measures: Hormone production (including your Cortisol Rhythm, DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogens, Melatonin), Detoxification, Mucosal Barrier Function, Immune System Function, Fungal, Bacterial, and/or Parasite Infections, Food intolerance's, and more.

Back Pain, Injury Rehab, Corrective ExerciseMost people are  not aware of the effect the corrective exercises and stretching can have on the prevention and cure of back pain.

Most back pain I see is not caused by direct trauma to the back, but by weak muscle around the back, abdominal, and hips (collectively known as the ‘Core’ muscles). This weakness is usually a result of poor posture, lack of exercise, poor exercise technique, or imbalances in the way the body is moving.

My approach is based upon the CHEK Institute methodology of;  
Assessment – finding out what is the physical problem by taking measurements of the spine and pelvis, and testing the function of the muscles.  
Corrective Exercise - using specific prescription of stretches and exercises that are designed for each individual based upon their own specific problems inorder to balance the muscles, re-educate the muscles, and strengthen them muscles, therefore restoring the correct function and posture to the body and therfore eliminating stress points and pain.
Postural Education – Teaching a client how to move, stand, sit, and sleep may seem like a lot of work but this is an important aspect of removing this type of pain from the body. If a client insists on spending 7 hours a day sitting with poor posture at the office, then their progress will be seriously retarded. This is a key aspect of staying pain free for many people.

Pre & Post-Natal Fitness and Lifestyle CoachingWhether you are preparing for the birth of your first child, or you have given birth recently, exercise is an important factor to consider when trying to get your body into the best shape possible – whether that means losing that stubborn baby weight, realizing a new level of fitness that you have never before thought possible, or simply preparing yourself for the rigors of motherhood. This area of fitness is often combined with corrective exercise and management of back pain.

If you would like any further details or information, or if you just have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at: